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Towing a Tacoma with electric transfer case

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I am new to this forum and came here for 2 reasons. 1 I will hopefully be buying a new Tacoma in a few months. 2. I hope I can get an answer on towing my P.U. behind a Motorhome. We are looking at a 4x4 double cab Auto V6. I will be installing a driveshaft disconect to protect the Trannie. Of course Toy says you cannot tow the truck. Will the transfer case give me a problem? I have been told to put it in 2 wheel drive and away we go. Is there a fuse ( maybe BCM) tht can be removed while towing that will stop the odometer from registering? Thanks

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link817 said:
I believe the manual states that if you put the transmission in neutral and the transfer case in neutral, you can tow the truck all day long w/ out any problems.
Don't know if you can put the electric t-case in neutral without putting it in 4WD, but the stick t-case you definitely CAN'T (unless you twin-stick it :) ). If you have manual hubs you can keep them unlocked in the front, but if you have ADD you need to be absolutely sure you do not start the truck with the t-case in neutral if you are going to tow it, or it will engage the front drive completely. That will result in bind-up while towing. Don't know how the new electric ADDs will respond.

Edit: DOH! Should have read further on. Anyway, for anyone else reading this that does have a stick t-case, it is in 4WD when in neutral.
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