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I have run five sets of Toyo Open Country's, three AT's a set of 606 and current set is the 410's

I've put a lot of miles on Toyos...well designed and built, smooth quit ride ....
the AT's have great cornering for a truck tire...good wet and snow traction from there siping design...and off road they are good all around! they are the best AT around and the price is lower than most comparable tires!!

I have never had a set last under 45K and because I drive them hard, I usually change them long before they get to the wear bars ...the siping is cut deeper into tread than any other siped tire I've seen so you have the benefited traction longer into the life of the tire...
best bang for the buck you can get in an AT... they are a high quality tire that out perform tires that are about $40 more a tire!

let me know if you have any additional questions about them!
I've been running them for nearly ten years...
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