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Whether you’re on the market for a set of “winter” wheels for your Toyota 4Runner or simply like the aesthetics of OEM wheels, you have two options to choose from: factory OEM or replica wheels. While at first glance, they seem to be the same wheels, there are some differences you should know about before clicking on the “place an order” button.

Factory OEM wheels
As their name indicates, factory OEM wheels are fabricated by the original equipment manufacturer. No matter whether they are alloy or steel, OEM wheels feature a manufacturer part number on the inner side.

Pros of OEM wheels:
-unmatched quality
-perfectly balanced
-accurate weight measurements
-perfect fit

Cons of OEM wheels:
-high price

Replica or aftermarket wheels

These are all other wheels made to the OEM specifications by another manufacturer. In most cases, they are identical to the factory wheels but can be made of different grade steel or alloy to reduce the production cost.

Pros or replica wheels:
-lower price
-OEM look and fit

Cons of replica wheels:
-lower quality compared to original wheels
-may slightly differ in weight

Steel vs alloy wheels

High-quality alloy wheels are often considered a better option than steel ones for a couple of reasons. First, they are lighter, which cuts your acceleration time and reduces your fuel consumption. Second, they give your vehicle a more custom look. On the other side of the coin, steel wheels are more affordable and easier to repair. But whichever you choose, at Truck&Gear, we have you covered with top-quality factory Toyota 4Runner wheels at reasonable and fair prices. We offer steel and alloy replicas and OEM wheels by all reputed brands and manufacturers to address the needs of virtually every customer.
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