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Hey there. I just won an inclinometer in an Ebay auction that I didn't really want, haha. I put in a bid expecting it to be surpassed but with my luck I ended up being the high bidder.

I havn't received it yet, but the item description says:

"hello and thank you for looking at my auction. you are bidding on a good used factory toyota inclinometer and altimeter.the item has a near perfect grey panel cover showing no sign of sun cracking or discoloration . the item was mounted in my 83 yota so the two mounting bolts closest to the windshield are cut off. sorry. with the pig tail included, it will plug right into your factory wiring harness where the heater control lighting panel plugs in at. will fit all 84-88 toyota trucks and 84-89 4runners. thanks for looking and happy bidding!!!!!"

I can answer any questions you may have in a few days when I get it (probably by Wednesday of next week). If its in the condition I hope it to be in I'm probably willing to let it go for around $70 + shipping (that way I can break even).
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