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Love me some yota forums.
What started out as an interest in exploring (some might call overlanding) has turned into a love of Toyota trucks. We had a couple of SOTT daily drivers (that's Something Other Than Toyota) that were nearing their end so we started researching, and it went DEEP down the rabbit hole. When we started climbing back out, there was one brand that stood above all the rest in build quality and endurance along with a large community willing to help each other in DIY repairs and upgrades. My wife found her new ride before I did. She fell in love with the 1st Gen Tundra, Limited DC 4wd. It came "new" to her with just under 200k on the meter. And it rides and drives just as good, if not better, than some of our friends' new SOTTs.
My search took a little longer and took my emotions on a roller coaster ride. First I thought I was looking for a 1st Gen Sequoia, 4wd. I had several I was looking at then my wife stumbled upon a LX450 - I didn't know anything about it but took it for a test drive to appease her. Driving the tank down the road flipped a switch inside I didn't even know existed! Now, nothing less would do. The 450 was nice but the price was way off my budget. The real search began and I mean I knew about every 80 that was listed online between the Rockies and the Appalachian Mtns. My "patience" (yeah, it wore thin at times) paid off. I found one listed close to home and within my price range. Within 24 hours, it was sitting in my driveway!
The Yota love is spreading thru the family now. Mom and Dad got a Sequoia, and our oldest son just recently got a 99 taco 4wd.
I'm here to spread some know-how when possible, but mostly to learn from everyone else. In my experience, the yota forums have some of the best folks who love to share their experiences (good and bad).

Anyhow, glad to meet you!
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