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Toyota Trail Riders is a TLCA Club based in Dallas, TX. We have some left over merchandise from our Lonestar Toyota Jamboree that took place in January and we are blowing it out. All T-shirts and Hats are $10 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states and bandanas are $7.50 shipped. $15 for the shirts shipped anywhere else, bandanas will be the same.

Please email me at [email protected] (also our paypal address) if you want anything. First come first serve. If you wish to pay by check, email me at the above address. I will send you an address to send the check and will ship out the merchandise after the check clears. I will try to keep the thread updated with quantities. I will ship the merchandise out once a week so it may be up to 2 weeks before you get your stuff. PM me with any questions. Here are some pics:

Toyota Trail Riders Hat Logo:

Toyota Trail Riders Hat - Tan (Quantity - 7)

Toyota Trail Riders Hat - Navy (Quantity - 4)

Toyota Trail Riders Hat - Green (Quantity - 2)

Lonestar Toyota Jamboree Hat - Logo

Lonestar Toyota Jamboree Hat - Tan (Quantity - 6)

Lonestar Toyota Jamboree Hat - Black and Tan (Quantity - 8)

Lonestar Toyota Jamboree Hat - Black (Quantity - 6)

Lonestar Jamboree Long Sleeve Shirts Quantity:
L - 7
XL - 6
XXL - 9

Lonestar Jamboree Long Sleeve Shirt - Front Logo

Lonestar Jamboree Long Sleeve Shirt - Back Logo

Lonestar Jamboree Bandana Logo (Quantity - Approx. 48)

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