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Howdy ya'll!

Haven't been that active on the forum lately, due in part to me being out of the country. I just figured I would share this with folks who might appreciate it, lol....the people in my group are tired of listening to me talk about each and every truck I see :D

There are sweet Toyota trucks everywhere in this country! And hardly any of them are stock. The most average one you see is a Basic Hilux 4x4 with an ARB bumper on the front. However, there is an extremely large population with aftermarket suspension, snorkels, roof racks, you name it! Some of the soldiers here cruise around in sweet Hilux trucks with a large double sided bench built into the 20 guys with AK-47's all in one truck. I spend most of my time focusing on the street and not on anything else :D Plus, these folks can wheel. They'll take a stock truck through mud that I wouldn't even consider in a tractor.

Just though I'd share!
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