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Im going to get a 3" lift for my 99 4wd yota. I guess i need the 3" Pro Basic Kit W/ Diff Drop for 4WD? They say you need the diff drop for 4x4s. Is this the one i need? Or are there any other 3 inch lifts that are better. any experience? thanks
You don't need a diff drop, it won't do ANYTHING.

It should be called a diff drop rotation more than anything.

Think of is this way. Take a ruler, put it on the end of a table. Now take the other end, and lower it about 1/2". Sure, the end near your hand is now down 1/2", but what about the middle and about 1/4 of the way down from the table???

That's the same concept. The CV's are close to the pivoting point, so dropping the front diff mounts just rotates the diff and doesn't do much in terms of cv andles. You are jsut going to make the angle for your driveline off, and now you are putting more pressure on the rear mount, as well as having the front mounts lower.

Now, even if you don't want to believe me, go to your truck, put a jack underneath the diff. Remove the two bolts and let the jack come down so that the mounts are about 1.5" from where they used to be. Look at your angles now. Not much difference...

My truck has the SAW's set at 2.625" of lift. The fins are at the point of barely even touching. (I cranked till they barely touched at all). I dropped the front diff mounts almost 2" and the fins were still barely even touching.

Waste of money....

Unless you are manual hubs, I would go 2.5" unless you like blowing cv boots left and right. Even 3" is much for manual hubs because when you lock them offroad they are turning.
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