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Trade square for round sliders?

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I'm not sure if/when I'm going to do this, but would anyone on this side of the coast be interested in trading their round sliders for my Trailcarnage 2x2 square sliders?
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duby08 said:
Why the change?
I want to get a tube flatbed and I figure if it wasn't too much hassle I'd rather the sliders be round as well.
Interesting idea, but I don't really need/want sliders that stick out any further than these do. I can always switch later down the line. My main concern was that sooner or later (later than sooner) everything will get tied together for an exo. It just seems more functional to have it all round. This is just an idea I'm kicking around that I thought someone might be interested in. Not really a big deal. Thanks for the suggestions, though.
ATLRoach said:
Seems like you are following in my foot steps... I know are in TN but I can get you the hook up on an Exocage..Say 600-800.
Sounds like a good price, but I'm still a little ways off. I live right down the street from Essentially Off-Road. Those guys do some of the best cage work around, so I was gonna check with them but I'll let you know. You're talking about PORC, right?
ShowStop said:
Just cut the square tube down the corners long ways and then weld in flat bar. You can be the first in the club to have octagonal sliders! :flipoff1: :xbeer2:
:banghead: Now why didn't I think of that?
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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