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From now until December 31st [COLOR=Blue][/COLOR] is offering our popular kit designed to help you fix some of the most common disabling breaks on the trail. Whether you’ve wheeled hard this season and are looking to refurbish you rig or you just need to get ready for 2005 wheeling we have got it here for you!

Each Kit includes:

1 u-joint
1 power steering return line
1 upper ball joint
1 lower ball joint
1 power steering belt
1 alternator belt
1 upper radiator hose
1 lower radiator hose
1 front brake hose
1 rear brake hose
1 set of ignition wires
2 front wheel studs
2 rear wheel studs
4 lug nuts

Add your own spare CV, appropriate fluids, tools, recovery gear & a first aid kit and you are ready to go!

These are all Genuine Toyota parts. At a dealer these parts alone would cost well over $500 without shipping. We are offering everything listed above shipped to you (CONUS only) for only $359! Additionally, we will throw in a gift pack including a coozie, mechanic’s screwdriver and pen!

As usual, please do not direct inquiries to this post, as volume may preclude me from a replying in a timely manner. Email all orders and inquiries to Barb at [email protected] . This kit is for four wheel drives only. You must include year, 3.4L or 2.7L, Automatic or Manual transmission.

Thanks for your continued support… please wheel safely & tread lightly!
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