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The following list contains items that would be needed to attend a local club run. The first list are mandatory items, the second list is recommended items, use your best judgement on all off road trips.

Mandatory Items:

Seatbelts (this should be a no brainer)
Full size spare tire and tools needed to change it (including wheel lock)
vehicle jack (stock one OK)
Front and rear tow point attachments (stock front points are OK, reciever
hook works good in rear)
Drinking water (it is the desert you know)
Water for your vehicle (it is the desert you know)

Recommended Items:

QUALITY TOW STRAP (without metal hooks on either end)
CB radio
more water
first aid kit
fire extinguisher
tools (basic kit)
basic repair parts (hoses, belts, fluids, etc.)
maps/ gps
extra clothing, hat, sunscreen etc.
common sense
sense of humor
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