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Trailmaster 6" kit...Opinions please

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Use search and found what i needed

Delete...I used the search and found what i was looking for Moderator please remove...Thanks
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Sleepercivic said:
Hi, Well i've been looking and waiting for a 4cyl Fabtech kit for my 95.5 Standard cab Taco. I found a shop with the Trailmaster kit installed for $2000.
I already have 315x75x16 tires mounted on 16x8 wheels. Trailmaster list 33" as recommended while this shop says the kit will clear the 35 good. Truck will be used for occasional (once a month or so) and nothing to serious. Truck has been regeared to 4:88's already.
I need some opinions or additional info please.
What are you waiting for with the Fabtech lift? They've been available for a while.

You could probably clear the 35's with just 6 inches, but you'll probably have to do some trimming to keep them from rubbing off-road. You might want to add a 1 or 2 inch BL.

I'm not sure about the price on the install. I've helped install a TM on a friend's truck and it was terrible (that's probably because it was used, though). Just ask them how many hours they're clocking the job at, then make sure it matches up with the standard labor rate in your area. Those kits can be had new on ebay for $1300-$1400 so it looks like they're charging you ~$600-700 for the labor to install.
Sleepercivic said:
Thanks...only reason i'm waiting on the fabtech is they are not avialable anywhere
Not sure why but after reading reviews, I think i'm going to scratch the TM and wait for the Fabtech. Thanks for th reply
There are several members with the 6" Fabtech kit on this board. They've been out for a while now.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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