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Trans fluid change

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Got a few questions guys. First, let me say--I'm not particularly mechanically inclined and tend to tear up a lot of knuckles and its best not to let small children within earshot. That said, I do like the satisfaction of doing minor things myself. I've started doing the maintenance on my wifes CRV and my truck. On the truck its time to change the trans fluild. I've got 31k on it. I'm considering switching to amsoil. From what i'm reading draining the pan is only about a third of the capacity. Because of the above I'd rather not unhook trans lines if I don't need to. Is amsoil going to make that big a difference? Would I be better off taking it tothe local trans shop and letting them change it with dino for $90? Or, buy amsoil--drain whatever from the pan, replace with amsoil and repeat in 5000 miles for a few intervals?
Many thanks.
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If you are going to switch to AMSOIL you will need to do a complete flush of the ATF. Since you are not mechanically inclined, you would be better off taking it to a shop. You will probably need 12 quarts of AMSOIL (or whatever synthetic you will be switching to) to do the flush. It is not that difficult, but does require a bit more than just draining and refilling.
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