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Transfer case oil???

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The oil in my 5 spd manual transmision of my truck is due and I am going to replace it with Red Line MT-90 oil. I was wondering if this oil is good for the transfer case too? or is it for manual transmissions "only"?
By the way my truck is a 99 4X4 5 spd V6.
Thanks in advance. :D

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Pathtaco said:
The Red Line MT-90 shows the weight as 75-90 but it also shows the "MT" which I assume stands for Manual Transmision? :confused:
What I am not sure is if I use it on my transfer case will destroy or benefit it? :confused:

Thanks, :D


- I use the same stuff in my X-Case as I do in my tranny (MT-90)
- My bro & I both have been using this stuff for the past 3 years w/o prob

I use redline 75-90 synth gear oil in my F & R diffs
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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