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Transmission / Engine oil

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Went to grease monkey on the week end and had them do a 18 qt. fluid flush. They said that I didn't need a filter change that the flush would clean it. I think they just didn't want to do it. My truck is a 2001 TRD V6 Dbl cab with 75,000 miles. Is this normal? I also did an oil change myself as I always do. Put in 5 qts. of oil, when I checked it after about 2 days it was at the bottom dot on the dipstick it this right?

Thanks for any help
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DakotaTacoma said:
Yikes, there is a loty of [email protected] out there. Luckily the fram TG, is not the worst of the lot, but I will definately switch to something else.
Yeah, it's pretty bad. I first heard about how bad Fram was from my uncle who's been a Ford mechanic for 20some years, and he always recommended Napa Gold or Motorcraft. Some guy from Ford came to their dealership with a display and some cut-open filters for them to see the differences. He also put me onto Pennzoil, but the Tacoma is getting Mobil 1.:)
Normally, I don't think that I have ever gone over 3000. I think I can notice a significant loss in fuel economy and then I change the oil. Usually at about 2500-2700 miles.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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