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Decided to put my new 4Runner through my test of funness.
Last night I spent over 8hrs on old minning trails and some awesome canyons and valleys 40miles south of Tucson and less than 20 miles from the border (Madera Canyon/Mt Wrightston area).

Best part, I did most of it at night. No rockcrawling, just steep super rocky tiny trails.
LOVE my truck, even in her stock form!

Met a couple of guys who were prospecting for gold. Shat the shit with them and admired their trailer, sitting on 37's to match thier well built Heeps.
They invited me out with them next time. Looks fun!
Hey have their rig set up for minning/storage/solar/'s decked out. Great craftsmanship!

Too cold for rattlers, though. Damn.
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