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TRD bed sticker removal

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How hard is it to remove the TRD stickers on the bed sides. How should I go about it.
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spacewrangler said:
has anyone had an issue with the paint being a different color under the sticker due to fading? i would have already removed mine but i'm afraid i'd always be able to see the outline.
To original psoter, I second this: Hair Dryer and 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner worked on removing the dealer sticker.

Just did it yesterday in fact on my black '02. Polishing compound, polish and wax and it's blended perfectly.
jon_7248 said:
Just wondering, why would some people do this? I have tossed the thought around in my head... but cant rightly figure out why i would do it.
Because I'm a bling whore and I'm putting on the Ivan Stewart TRD ones :D

Now check your PM's & sign up for Takeover already!
jon_7248 said:
What so the ivan Stewart ones look like? BTW you have mail.
Got yer mail, thanks!

These are them (sorry for crappy stolen picture):

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cbrRRman said:
Chris, where's your bling to match those stickers? I got the bling under my chassis... Maybe you should give them to me... LOL :D
my stickers... MY STICKERS!

Everyone stay away from my stickers. :mad:

*They're the only bling I got :(
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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