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TRD bed sticker removal

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How hard is it to remove the TRD stickers on the bed sides. How should I go about it.
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Yet another thread posted in the wrong folder...
spacewrangler said:
why is this in the wrong folder? what folder should it be in?

It should be in the Newbie folder... It's been asked and answered several times over... Now don't take offense to my statement. The newbie folder is not to stereotype new folk as idiots... It's there so that you can ask the questions that have already been answered many times before. It's not a folder that is only asked and answered by new folk... Senior folk will help you there just as well. Too many new folk here seem to be too prideful and feel posting there is somehow a label of incompetence. But that is totally hogwash. It's designed so that no one will give you a hard time for asking the same questions that have been asked a thousand times. Not saying you... but if folk did a search before they ask their questions... they would most likely find the answer they were looking for. But 4X tech should be reserved for technology/mechanics relating to a 4X. Be cool... later...

Oh and if you remove your stickers you might lose 1 0r 2 MPH top speed... :D LOL JK...
jon_7248 said:
Just wondering, why would some people do this? I have tossed the thought around in my head... but cant rightly figure out why i would do it.

Sticker removal? Just personal preferences...
synovus said:
It will show up in a search. You just have to try searching more than one word or phrase. Take a moment to think about the various terms used to refer to things like "sticker". For example, other people might refer to stickers as emblems, or decals, or graphics. "TRD sticker removal" is too specific. Broaden the search terms by using synonyms.

The newbie folder exists primarily for two reasons: 1) For regularly asked and "easy" questions, and 2) for a "safe", flame-free environment where people who are easily offended by flaming can post pretty much whatever they want and not get flamed.

Take a break and have a :xbeer2: You've got to be exhausted from all that work... LOL :D
valkyrie said:
Got yer mail, thanks!

These are them (sorry for crappy stolen picture):

Chris, where's your bling to match those stickers? I got the bling under my chassis... Maybe you should give them to me... LOL :D
spacewrangler said:
i gotcha! just take it easy on folks...they'll figure it out in no time. :)

We just like to help with a little special coaching... :D
miguelitro said:
yah but what the fuck is a synonym????

FUCK = SCREW there's a sample... :D
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