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TRD S/C and other stuff for sale

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I have the following stuff that came out of a 03 taco v-6 4x4

Also have a brand new Centerforce D/F Clutch part # DF505019- 360

Brand new prerunner bar by procomp all hardware- 100

Brand new 8" lights by procomp (2) chrome w/ switch kit- 85

all pics on request , prices dont include shipping

email me at [email protected]

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I am interested in the wheels. Can you send pictures to [email protected]

Put me in line for the wheels!! Pics please to [email protected]

Shipping to 08108? May not be worth it but worth a shot

Do you still have the SC and what do you need for it?
How much for the clutch. I am about to have to replace my rear main seal and I am gonna put a new clutch in while I am at it.

Have the wheels sold yet? Can you send a picture to zosimov @
do you have pics of the prerunner bar?
I'd like to see it [email protected]
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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