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Location: Fort Collins
Price $2200

Selling since I got a good deal on a VGT holset and want to go turbo. It's currently on the truck since I wanted to check that my rebuild was all good. I made sure everything was done right using the right tools.

- New Jon Bond Performance PTFE lip seals - properly installed
- New made in Japan Nachi rotor bearings
- New made in Japan Nachi snout bearings, low mileage (2k) coupler
- New rear needle bearings
- New SKF shaft seal
- Super-handy 1/4" NPT filler hole tapped into the housing (you don't have to pull the charger to change the oil
- Refinished with Rustoleum hammered (looks nice under the hood)
- Low mileage idler pulley ~3k
- Low mileage belt ~3k
- Nearly-new actuator (installed ~2k ago)
- Tensioner plate/bolts
- Throttle body bolts***
- TB cable bracket/screws
- Correct-length PCV hose/clamp
- Whatever else I'm not thinking of right now

You'll need the following parts to finish the install:
-TRD throttle body gasket (~$15)
-Intake manifold gasket (or reuse your stock ones)
-Check valve (I stole one from a brake booster hose I had laying around)

***One of the throttle body bolts stripped on me so before I ship, I'll install a helicoil it'll be as good as new

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