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anyone wanna go? haven't been there yet and wanna check it out.

WORK and WHEELING WEEKENDS are $40 a vehicle for the entire weekend and children 13 and under are free. Passengers are $10 each. *** Certain events offer catering and other services which will be an additional charge.

Primitive Camping = free
RV Slots = Additional $20 per weekend
Bunkhouse beds = Additional $10 per weekend
2nd Bunkhouse Reservation = Additional $150 per weekend
(Sleeps 16-18 people, but restrooms stay open to all visitors.)

3 toilets (2 in main bunkhouse, 1 in 2nd bunkhouse.)
6 Showers (2 in main bunkhouse, 2 in 2nd bunkhouse, and 2 by RV slots.)

Fuel and Supplies
The nearest store to the ranch is about 20 miles. Garven Store (830) 640-3235 Hrs. M-Sat 8-7 Sun. 9:30-6:00. The nearest large town is Kerrville. (Approx. 60 miles east towards San Antonio) ***Make sure to bring everything you need to sustain you and your guests for the duration of your visit. (Ice, water, fuel, etc...)

Sign Up
To SIGN UP for an event please go to our PAYPAL account [email protected] to prepay. Please include the event date, number of vehicles, and passengers you are paying for. Please bring your confirmation print out to ensure your registration. For Check Payments please contact us.

Alcohol is allowed at camp but NOT on the trails. Anyone caught drinking on the trails will be asked to leave the property. No refunds!

No Pets allowed. Trees' Ranch is a working game ranch and no outside animals are permitted on the property. If you show up with an animal you will be asked to leave.

All trash must be hauled off the Ranch when you leave. No charcoal or other debris can be left behind. Violation of this will result in black listing.

All persons must sign a release form once they arrive at the property.

No firearms are allowed on the property.

No Glass containers.

If you use the bunkhouse ensure that you clean before leaving.

Fires are only permitted in the designated fire rings or bonfire area located by the bunkhouses.

No parking inside the fenced area around the bunkhouses (Left of Bunkhouse #1 is the septic system – absolutely no parking).

No unescorted offroading. All vehicles must be accompanied by a trail leader.

No unattended children on the property.

All guests must park in the designated camping and RV areas. (NO parking in front of the Trees residence or in the circle drive.)

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lol. i might be able to make it. doing A LOT this semester.

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Katemcy last week of April

I am heading out to Katemcy in Mason the last week of April if anyone is interested. The website is
If anyone is interested in Convoying up there please let me know. This is a great place to wheel if some of you guys have not been there.
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