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Dang what a great trip. On the roster: Frank @BASEjumper with Robin, Boris @T4rBoris, Vivek @RedStormRising, Ryan @Rynohay, Charlton @charlton with Jackie.

I see now why this event is held the first weekend in Nov. 1) it's a bit cooler 2) it's the last Sat full of DST daylight.

We lucked out with the weather. Mid 70s daytime mid 40s overnight. Frank, Vivek, and Ryan all made it down Friday night and camped out next to these ruckus-making, wild college kids. They had no camp etiquette and were bumping their music past 1am and yelling "shots shots shots shots!". Toilet was not its usual super clean self. I would avoid camping here in the future.

Saturday morning: I arrived at Fish Creek Campgrounds at 9.10am. Boris soon after about 9.30am. We rolled out to the start of the trail at about 10am. Since this was Ryan's first time, we made our way to the wind caves and Frank, Robin, and Ryan made the 1 mile hike up and checked out the view.

After about 40 mins there, we headed over to Sandstone Canyon. The trail was in great condition and it was clear past the second obstacle which was great. We did get stuck behind a mixed group of Jeeps, Nissan Xterra, Toyotas and Renegades. They were able to get through the first 2 obstacles on their own. At the third obstacle they had 2 vehicles stuck. Boris and myself were able to spot 1 vehicle out of their trouble and then we directed the next Jeep Gladiator in line into position and instructed them how to recover the other vehicle. By the time we got to the 3rd obstacle it was about 2.45pm. I wanted to continue on, but with daylight running out and being behind this group I made the decision to double back and get in Diablo Drop Off uphill and down. I'm glad we did decide to turn around at the time, as we were on the first obstacle in, Socal GXOR was making their way in. They had at least 15 trucks, I'm glad we didn't have to wait for them. At the top of Diablo Drop off we took some cool drone footage that I will post later. Everyone made it up the difficult section on the first Diablo uphill obstacle & on the second obstacle with an unknown situation at the top I took the medium difficulty trail up. Ryan gave it a go on the difficult track on 2nd obstacle, but lost momentum. He gave it a few more gos but it was super sandy at the bottom and couldn't pick back up his original momentum. Boris skinny pedaled the shit out of it. Vivek followed.

We made it back into camp about 4.15pm and since Ryan and Frank decided to stay an extra night. The easy choice was made to camp there. Jackie was hesitant to camp next to the large group of young people and I should have listened to her; Jackie was right. It was an impossible night of sleep for me. However Frank, Robin, Ryan and Vivek are deep sleepers lol.

For the next Anza run, I would love to go down with a few rigs on Friday night and wake up early Saturday morning and see how far we get into Sandstone Canyon. The 2 obstacles that I could see looked like a lot of fun and it looked like it kept going.

Sunday, Ryan and I broke off to refuel and check out the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs, while Frank and Vivek made their ways on home. While checking out the metal sculptures we came onto another young couple in a 2WD hot hatch up their rims in soft sand. I asked Ryan if he has done a recovery before and he said not in this truck, I asked him if he had any recovery gear, which he did have. Good Job Ryan! The young couple could not identify any tow points. I instructed them where to find the recovery point cut out on their front bumper and said they should have their eyehook in their car tool bag. They found this easily after dumping their firewood. I showed Ryan how to properly use a d-shackle. Bolt through the tow point eye hook, thread down, and then screw the bolt to contact and unscrew a half twist. The reason you do this, is during the recovery, if you thread the d-shackle all the way down, the stresses from the tug can cause the bolt to become stuck. A great tip to know for sure. After that, we finished the metal sculptures run and called it a day. Another fantastic TTORA Anza Run in the books. I really love the Anza run.
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