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Truck and audio stuff for sale.

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I've got some truck and audio stuff for sale. Some of the stuff I really don't know how much they're worth, so if interested, please make a reasonable offer.

98-00 Lund bug deflector. $20

SOLD - Westin nerf bars - regular cab $60

SOLD - Westin safari bar and mounting brackets $100

SOLD - side mirrors off 2001 Tacoma $60

1 - 32x12.5 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted - not a whole lot of tread, but decent enough for a spare $20

PENDING - 1 - 12" Infinity Kappa subs - 120 watts

PENDING - 1 - sub box for 1 12" sub

2 - Kicker truck boxes - each has a 6" speaker and an 8" round pad next to it that looks like a speaker. On the top it has what appears to be a port, but it is wired. As you can tell, I have no clue what I'm talking about. :D

PENDING - 1 - Jensen 300 watt, 2 channel, bridgeable amp.

If you want a picture of something, let me know, and I'll get it to you. However, once all the pictures finish downloading, I'll post a link to them on this thread. That is if the site will let me do it.

Located in Northern Kentucky.
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what color are the mirrors and are they manual or power.
any idea if they would fit my 99? I don't think so but if they will then I'll take em...

PS you still got my camper shell? if you do, you aren't considering selling the racks anytime soon are you? :)
alright, well if you're like 85% sure or better then I'll take em... yeah, its funny, I have a black camper shell now...if only we could trade paint, but i miss my racks and can't afford new ones :(. My friend has an 01, lemme go double check that the mirrors are def interchangable and then I'll pay ya. my email is [email protected] send me payment info there and shipping would be to 24060 (Blacksburg, VA) unless you're coming this way anytime soon. Thanks,
I'll take the mirrors...if you could just let me know how much w/ shipping (shouldn't be terrible). 24060 Blacksburg, VA
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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