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Truck eating CVs

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ok so i go from 33s to 35s and my drivers side cv starts clicking. i regear and swap front diffs and change the axle in the process. 2 weeks later its clicking again.


4 PC lift
OME 881/N91s
35 1250 Trxus

thanx alot

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Bump for you... I have the same setup(except 10" wide rims) but not having that issue..
BUMP again.....I'm really curious to as what the prob would be.
thats fawking wierd,erspecially if it's a new cv axle,must not be the cv axle then hmmmmmmmmm :cool:
this is a bump for you, just wondering if those trxus tires are a heavy ass tire
thats what i thought. had it up on the rack today and couldnt find anything wrong. it was an aftermarket axle so im just gonna replace it (maybe i just got a bad axle)

what else would have a rotational click when turning?

I get a similiar noise from my driver side CV. At least i think its the CV. It for sure has to do with the suspension, and it is most apparent when going through rough surfaced parking-lots. I've got OME 882's up front with a 1" drop.
Rusted muffler bearings. Use 90 wt taillight grease to solve problem....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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