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Anyone from the North Texas area planning on going to Gilmer the end of March? Lance (aka "Arky Tacoma") and a few others from Arkansas will be heading down to Gilmer that weekend for a run. I bought a spare 16x7 rim/tire that he'll be bringing down, but I most probably won't be able to go meet him. I just had gall bladder surgery a few days ago, and the doc says no long drives, much less no bouncing around or getting held by a tight seatbelt from off-camber situations while off-road. My insides were cut up pretty bad with 4 stab wounds from the surgery, and looks like I'll be out of commission for awhile. Anyway, if anyone is planning on going, it would be great if you could meet up with Lance and bring that spare back to the Dallas area. I'd be glad to buy ya lunch or a case of beer or whatever for your troubles! Thanks!
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