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Set of S13WE calipers, 199 mm

Replaced my original calipers for the upgraded calipers from a newer Sequoia. Have the old calipers for sale.

Truck had 85k on it when I bought it in January. I bled the brakes and the fluid was light and clear. I have no reason to think they need to be rebuilt.

Calipers (2)
Pads - 1/2 to 1/3 left
Rotors - Both need to be turned, supposed to be 26-28mm, one is 29mm other is 27
Lines - Includes lines from a '06 Sequoia, I was able to reuse mine
Condition - Came off the truck, I have not cleaned them yet

Asking $90 for the set

Prefer to sell them face to face in Houston, I would rather you see them in person and decide if you like them.

Send email to [email protected]


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No 15s... 16's is the smallest rim you can run. I am interested in the whole set, so can you get me shipping to 95926?
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