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Tundra vavled 2.0 SAWs

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Tundra valved 2.0 SAWs

SAWs are SOLD!
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drabnor said:
They are the new style where the threading stops part way up the can but they have the old style Tundra valving, before they had all the problems.

They have upgraded(675lb. 15") coils on them. They have about 85k miles on them and have been rebuilt 2 times so far. They are not leaking and should not need a rebuild but I will have them rebuilt if it is so desired. I bought them new from camburg back when these were the best there was and paid around 750-$800 for them.

These should fit any Tacoma 95.5-04 and some 4 runners.

I'm looking to get $500 if i have to rebuild them, $450 as is. Shipping extra, local pickup encouraged. Located in Temecula.

Pics upon request.
I passed this on to a couple guys looking for something to handle a winch/bumper ;) If I didn't already have the exact same thing I would buy them now ;)
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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