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I have owned 2 Rams in the past a 2003 Quad cad and a 2013 Crew Cab. Soon I will be looking for another truck, in the rrange i can afford i'm looking at a 2007 + Access Cab Tundra or a 2006 + Ram Quad Cab. What i really want is a Crew Cab with a 6' 5" bed but those are newer and to expensive. I would rather get a Tundra than a Ram. I liked my Rams, but I miss the durability of the Tacoma and Toyota Pickups I have had. Once concern I have is rear seat room. Is there less room in the rear seat of an Access cab Tundra than the Quad Cab Ram? I didnt know if anyone has had both trucks and can give an answer. i just dont have these two trucks to compare side by side.
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