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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) is pleased to offer a maintenance package designed specifically for your needs! You have a choice of 4 packages:

3.4L High Performance
3.4L Toyota OEM

2.7L High Performance
2.7L Toyota OEM

Take some time to get your truck ready for Spring wheeling!

All kits come with the following:

Toyota ignition Wires
Drain Plug Gasket
Power Steering Belt
Alternator Belt
A/C Belt
Upper Radiator Hose
Lower Radiator Hose
Windshield wiper inserts

The OEM kit also includes:

Toyota OEM Air Filter
Toyota OEM Plugs
Toyota OEM Oil Filter

The High Performance Kits includes (in lieu of the OEM counterparts):

-TRD Reusable Air Filter for the 3.4L; K&N Reusable Air Filter for the 2.7L
-TRD Denso Iridium Plugs for the 3.4L (while supplies last), Upgraded Denso Iridium plugs for the 2.7L.
-TRD Oil Filter

The 3.4L High Performance Kit lists for $309.52, available now for only $249 shipped!*
The 2.7L High Performance Kits lists for $348.09, available now for only $219.00 shipped!*

The 34.L Toyota OEM Kit lists for $209.13, available now for only $139.00 shipped!*
The 2.7L Toyota OEM Kit lists for 259.58, available now for only $159.00 shipped!*

Email inquiries to [email protected] . Be sure to specify the year, engine & transmission and which package you would like. These packages are for 95-04 Tacomas. '05+ please contact us for a similar package. Please do not respond to this post, as volume may prohibit timely replies. *Shipping outside CONUS may be higher.

Still going strong, and we've held prices the same for you although Toyota has raised theirs! Thanks to all of you!

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Can we add on from the High performance package to the OEM?

I just want the OEM package, but with the Denso Platinum plugs.

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Just orderd my timing belt stuff and wanted to say thanks to Chris and Jacque for hooking me up with some killer prices. I came in way under budget for this repair. Thanks again!!!

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When you say "all kits" come with ignition wires, can you elaborate on this? Ignition wires as in: Spark Plug wires? If so, are you meaning complete coil packs for the 3.4V6? Since the spark plug wires are not removable from the coil packs..
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