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Hey, if you're like me, your into saving your money and doing your taxes yourself! Well, even if you've started (but not filed your return) and you're using, you can get a great discount!!

Here's what you do:

1. Go to

2. Cliick on the link in the lower left showing "Tax Center"

3. Click on the "Start or Continue your taxes" (shows the Turbo Tax logo)

4. Click on the 'visitors' hyperlink on the bottom left

5. You'll be redirected, you'll have to do a fidelity sign-up....hell you can
fake it if you want. It just asks you for a few simple things, no big deal.
Just enter your information in the spaces provided.

6. Then follow the link to (you'll see the 35% savings off of
the regular prices!

Note- you can even use this discount if you've already started your return by
Just sign-out of your current return (It'll save where you're at), and then re-login using the above sequence.

This sequence saved me about $19!!

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