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'Twas the night before Christmas
And all across the land,
Not a Jeeper was wheelin',
But hey, it's a Jeep thing, so I can totally understand!

The rocks were a callin'
So without hesitation
I jumped in TACOZILLA
To get me some articulation!

The place where I headed
I was told was a bit risky
But I knew it wasn't a problem
For I trusted the Dana60’s!

The rain that had fallen
Previously that day
Had made conditions nasty
But I said,"What the hey"!

But what do I find
As I entered the trail head?
It was a guy in a Chevy K5...
...his engine was dead.

He asked if I'd winch him
Back off of the trail
I felt sorry for the guy
So I said what the Hell!

I free spooled the winch
And chunked him the line
I chuckled as I told him,
"You're wastin' precious wheelin' time"!

I hit the "IN" switch
And the winch sucked him out
Back up to a safe spot
The guy looked like he was gonna pout!

I told him not to worry
As we unhooked the line
It was a very common problem...
...with a lot of K5's!

He checked out my rig
And was rather impressed!
He asked where all I've wheeled
So I went down the list.....

Well, there's been Disney...
and Clayton...and good ole Del Rio...
There been Hot Springs and Moab...
...not to mention Tellico!

We called for a tow truck
To get him back home
And then I jumped in TACOZILLA
As I was ready to roll!

I engaged the Marlin Crawler
Down into compound low
He said as I crawled by him
DAMN…that’s a SLO MO FO!

But, I hollered out my window
As I crawled outa sight...


Going John Galt
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nice ;)

but, "happy holidays"? you goin' PC on us or something? ;)

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Don't be dissin' us Heepers; we wheel too! :rolleyes:

Seriously, good job. At fisrt I thought it was a repost, but it looks like you changed a few things since last year.

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Murderman said:
Seriously, good job. At fisrt I thought it was a repost, but it looks like you changed a few things since last year.
Yeah, it is a revised version. Every year I change it to reflect the newest mods I have done for the year. :D

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cb77DEMELLO said:
LOL... That was good!

I think you broke 2 of the new rules in that post but it was still funny! don't worry I won't turn you in:)
No hostile or antagonising behaviour is allowed. This includes discrimination against groups, individuals, or makes of vehicles of any kind. Kindly ribbing is allowed...just don't cross the line!

You talkin about that one? I see no violation! Read the last sentence.;)

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That is why you are "angry" Andy instead of "happy" Andy.

Xmas season can indeed suck what with the pressures that society imposes upon us, but it is intended to be a time of positive reflection.

Things that come to my mind are running Strawberry in your right seat, climbing up whatever the name of that trail was with Mike, being Dick's co-pilot on Rubi, and Chris' singing along the way. Another great memory is 2x AZrocks with all the most excellent folks there...way too many to mention specifically. Sitting down for dinner with Jason, and visiting with Wyatt when I had business in LA also comes to mind.

Please pass on my best wishes to all the NorCal folks when you see them next, and the same goes for SoCal and AZ. I have been away from the boards for quite some time, but I still think about y'all on a regular basis.

All the best, John
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