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I finally got the alarm and remote start unit installed. It took all of 7 hours including a trip to pep boys to replace the 40amp fuse I blew (don't ask- moment of idiocy).

It was surprisingly straight forwards. A BIG help is if you order the ignition switch patch unit from Crutchfield- with this, you don't need to cut a SINGLE stock wire fo rthe alarm and remote start. You may need to tap a fe, but no outright hacking up required. Plus, if the alarm goes wacky when I'm out of town, switching around the 2 plugs takes care of it.

The main problem I had was finding a place to stash everything- what a mess!

I ended up using the Voltage sensor for the remote start instead of the tach output- it seems to work just as well, and was easier on me. Tapping the brake light switch was the low point. Long arms do not belong stuffed up under the dash.

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