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OK now my truck is starting to hop at higher speeds. It is definately not the tires. I'm assuming shocks need replacement (truck has 44,000 miles)
Guys I've read pages and pages of suspension posts on coilovers, shocks, front and rear lifts, etc. and I've decided to do a coilover lift and 265/75/16 MTs. There's absolutely no way to know which coilover I should get without riding on them.
Sway Away

Add a leaf deaver and 5100 blist

my truck is a 99.95% street queen 02 v6 DC TRD 2wd. Hardly ever go offroad.
I don't mind paying a little extra for the "real deal" since I am not a tech and will never be able to fix anything that breaks. I need something that is easy to service and reliable.
If anyone lives in the Dallas area metroplex and would like to give me a ride that would be awesome!!
I know that typically spacer owners wish they had bought coilovers. If I go with Downey, SAWs, or Kings, will I be saying "I wish I had gotten hoes or camburgs?"
I know this is the 1 millionth post on this topic but i want to get it right the first time. As always, thanks everybody.

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If you can't afford the hoes, you can't afford the kings, either....Or, the camburgs. I personally have downeys, and 2 weeks ago I put the 2" body SAW's on a friends truck. As his rear end is completely stock, it wasn't nearly as planted out back. As to the front, there was no noticeable difference, on and off road. Both are pretty good. You have to ask, what will you do with the truck; but you already have done this.IMHO, these are some better options, as you can use the $250 you will save, and buy some deaver add on leaf packs, and be done with it!
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