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URD will be in Tampa this weekend

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I am breaking away from all the URD projects that we have going on and going on a little vacation. I am going to the Sun-N-Fun EAA event at the Lakeland airport and was looking to see who might be up for meeting for lunch in the Riverview area on Sunday.

I also will have a little time open to help folks tune thier URD kits. If you need help with that let me know and I will try to squeeze you in.
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I just need a stainless bung installed before the first cat and a way to get to it. Also, if there is a plug in the bung, I will need a way to get it out.

I have all the wideband stuff and scan tools that we need.

There are a couple of guys trying to figure out a lunch spot. Once that is figured out I will post a time and place. Then we can figure out a tuning time around that.
LavosTRD said:
how much to get you to fly out to socal :) still waiting for the 01 manural tranny needing it asap
I will be in the LA area very soon. Just don't know exactly when. Brian is a great tuner and if you really want to pay someone to do it for you look him up.

What are you talking about needing a map? Our maps are only for starting up your truck and then doing your own tune from. There are such variation from truck to truck even in the same year that using a cookie cutter program just will not get your truck running like it should.

Anyway, if you need a new start up map email me and give me all your truck info and I will hook you up, but remember you should still tune from there.
It is the same map....
Triple BB said:
Gadget, other than the people, smog, traffic, etc., some say Colorado is a colorful place. Come visit Denver and I'll travel that way to buy you lunch for some tune up pointers.
Not a chance. My wife was there Sunday snowed in. She got back real early Monday morning. I camped out at the airport all night waiting to pick her up. No clue where her bags are. She has been totally bitched out since she has been back.

I am not going any where near Denver...
LavosTRD said:
hahahaha you're screwed now
Yea, and I am heading my ass out of town too...
DCabTaco said:
Yeah keep us informed and we'll set up a lunch as well.

It looks like the Hooters in Branden. I got a guy looking up the address for me.

At 1:00 PM Sunday...
It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and all the rest of the guys.

Did I by chance make off with your serial cable?? I seem to have an extra one and was wondering if it was yours...
I did not fly any war birds this trip, but sure spent some time crawling around in them. I love war birds. Luckily have have have had a chance to fly a few and even have some time in a TF-51 Mustang. Just in case my wife reads this I won't say it was better then sex...
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