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URD will be in Tampa this weekend

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I am breaking away from all the URD projects that we have going on and going on a little vacation. I am going to the Sun-N-Fun EAA event at the Lakeland airport and was looking to see who might be up for meeting for lunch in the Riverview area on Sunday.

I also will have a little time open to help folks tune thier URD kits. If you need help with that let me know and I will try to squeeze you in.
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Hooters of Brandon
10023 East Adamo Drive
Tampa, FL 33619

At 1:00 PM Sunday...
Just replied to your email...see you Sunday.
Many Thanks to Gadget

I just wanted to say thanks again to Gadget. He tuned my truck this past Sunday in Tampa and its running better than ever now. You couldn't ask for better customer service!!! It was also great meeting the folks from customtacos that were there. I hope everybody made it home safely....Gadget have a safe trip back home when your vacation is over.
It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and all the rest of the guys.

Did I by chance make off with your serial cable?? I seem to have an extra one and was wondering if it was yours...
LOL yeah I think you did. I just emailed you and was joking about that because I just noticed it was missing when I was pulling my laptop out of the bag last night. It's really no big deal though. Did you get to fly any warbirds after all the tuning?
I did not fly any war birds this trip, but sure spent some time crawling around in them. I love war birds. Luckily have have have had a chance to fly a few and even have some time in a TF-51 Mustang. Just in case my wife reads this I won't say it was better then sex...
I'm just wondering if URD will be making a stop in Hawaii anytime or do you have a connection at a shop on Oahu, Hawaii to do the tuning hehehehe. I'm thinking about getting a kit but want to tune it right and dont want any problems hahahaha. If not then I'll do more reseach and build my confidence to tune it myself.
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