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obex26 said:
I feel the need to relocate and for what it would cost me to rent for my trip I would be better off investing into a trailer that I could own outright. I am willing to travel up to 300 mile in any direction from las vegas. My basic requirements are for it to be tandem axle with brakes and some kind of floor. Size needs to be 6 x17 or bigger. It also needs to be reciever style; sides would be nice but not necessary looking to spend market value or less.

Call me 702-499-3182
PM me
or leave me your number to call you.

Thanks James
check out carson trailer. it's about 800 for something like you described but without brakes. they make excellent affordable trailers. we've had ours for over 10 years and have logged probably 50,000 miles with it. you could buy a used one for a few hundred bucks cheaper, but what happens if the wheel bearing goes out, or the wiring fries out, or the old tires blow out, in the middle of your move?
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