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Valve adjust advice

I need a little advice on valve adjustment.
When i check with a feeler gauge, how much drag if any should there be on the gauge? On some, i can get the gauge in but it takes a bit of force which i think is incorrect. I also read the article on yoga tech where Pismo says that a .010 clearance is determined because a .009 wouldn't fit. I think i may be missing something.
If i go by which gauge fits easily, only have one exhaust valve out of spec at .015" which i will re-shim. My question is what do you do with those that are right on the line, i.e. .006" intake? I'm thinking of shimming for more clearance so that i don't run into problems getting tighter before i can check again. Any advise?
Also, can the intake gaskets be re-used?
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