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I need a lot of stuff so though ID post here even though Im usually just a lurker who only had like 50 posts since 1999 on the old board.

Looking for the sweet hookups on some stuff...

1. (4)33 x 12.50 15 All Terrains. Need ATLEAST 75% tread left. Brand Im not picky on but I am ordering 4 brand new PC AT's for $467 shipped this week if a better deal cant be found if that gives people an idea. Id prefer that they be located somewhere between Dallas/San Antonio/Shreveport triangle so I can pick them up to save shipping.

2. Shocks - I need some shocks (front AND rear) for a 99 Tacoma w/ 6" of lift (3" susp. and 3" body) again brand does not matter. I just want them to be in good shape with perferably less than 15000 miles or so on em.

3. High angle CV boots - need some for 99 4x4 Taco.

4. Stickers - My TRD sticker on the passenger side rear quarter came off in a car wash so need a new one. Its the grey TRD sticker that comes on black Tacomas.

5. Plane ticket or transferable miles - Need to find a cheap plane ticket to get back home to Hawaii for a week in late July early August.

6.Marine CD player - Need marine CD/FM/AM deck for Nautique. XM/Sirius compatible a plus.

7. Laptop - Looking for a working but dirt cheap laptop. PC or Mac. If its old thats OK as long as its something I can upgrade in the future if I need too.

I am sure Ill be editing this post to add more stuff I need. If you can help me out shoot me an email at [email protected] or post a reply here I am located In Tyler, TX if that makes a difference to anyone. I can pay via personal check, money order, or Paypal.

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