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Vibration at 25-50mph

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Ive got a 99 tacoma x-cab trd etc, with the 4" pro comp lift, and also 2" fabtech aal's. I am running bfg a/ts 33x12.50r15's on eagle alloys 589's (15x10) with 4.25 backspacing. I have had vibrations and shimmys in the steering wheel since i lifted it last may. I have always thought it was the tires, and have balanced them myself at work, had them balanced by the store i bought them from, and also speed balanced ($75 each time!! (3 times!!)) at a tire specialist, a total of probably 8-10 times. I even had BFG replace 2 tires because they were somewhat out of round. Anyways after all this my vibration has got alot softer, but is still anything but gone. I feel it most from 25- really bad at 35-45 and on through to about 50, then it goes away. I know the offset of the wheel could cause some of this, could this be all? also it seems to get worse after time, like they need to be balanced again. I also have read alot on here about shims i could put in (either carrier or under the leaves) but i know that my blocks from the pc lift are tapered, what do i need to do to correct that other 1.5 -2" the aal's gave me? This is about to drive me completely crazy, so any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again - Tyson
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I know this maybe a stupid question, but you did get an alignment right? Does the vibration get better after the rebalancing and then worse again? Have you checked all your bolts lately and made sure everything was secure? I know some of this may seem stupid, or maybe in the original post by you, but everylittle bit helps. That and I have been up for 2 days now and have contacts dry enough to be the sahara.
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