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Virginia OFF ROAD TRUCK show in Harrisonburg VA

I have been meeting the the owners of steven toyota and they are wanting to have an event based on off road toyotas and fancy scions. Trying to come up with a name and the show and tell event sound okay based on what we have come up with

The event looks like it will be held on october 26th based on the dates

These are the ideas we came up with in meeting
-East Coast Gear supply as a vendor and doing clam shell bushings on site
-Tilted Kilt Girls doing car wash and posing for photos with vechiles

-Raffle ARB GEAR, includingbig fridge, air compressor and winch

-Live Band
-Getting all of the off road vendors possibly involved and getting t shirts and hats from certain ones

-food vendors including donut truck
-Cornhole Tournament with cash buy in

-monstery energy should be sponsoring event

-possibly getting a group buy together on site and talking with vendor directly once enough people sign up.

- do it yourself in the shop with the lifts/ no dummies allowed
he said you will need to sign a waiver and there will be someone there to operate lifts.
So basically
-scion show
-off road show
-articulation ramps
-15% off toyota products that day
-oil filters and quarts of oil will be given away
-shooting range after event at secret location
-modding on site

ANy other ideas would be, GM also told me you could camp on the property that night or if anyone wanted to go off on the trails and camp at his property to do some SHOOTING! Oh yeah I said shooting!
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