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Well I had talked to Chaz over a month ago and found out that he is having problems and did not have time to be the VP anymore. I asked him to post up and say he was going to step down. We talked about who we would like to see take his spot and Kyle ( JDM PUNK ) was our choice. Well a month has gone since I talked to Chaz and nothing has been posted so I'm stepping in and doing it. Chaz needs to take care of what he has going and I hope for the best for him and we will be here when he gets going right again. It's a hard thing to do as Chaz is a really good friend to me and is liked by alot of people here but we need to have a VP who can be here.

So here is the poll and how to vote.

Yes-for VP
No- for VP
or other

I'm going to leave it open for 1 week
Votes are hidden. If you vote for other please PM with the persons name and at the end of the week if "other" is the winner I will post a new poll with peoples names.
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