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Wanted!! Bucket seats!!

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I have a 97 and has the 60/40 style seats, it is a 5 speed. I was just wondering if anybody had any buckets they were looking to get rid of. I would prefer the tan color. My dogs got into my seats and its gonna be pretty high to get the redone so let me know what ya got!! thanks
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as far as an offer, where are you located....what are you wanting to get out of them?? and also the seats I have are tan
Ok, I am seriously interested, please call me as soon as possible 615-406-2363 soon soon soon! I go to school at UTMartin and would be able to arrange some sort of meeting or pick up possibly.
DriftinCO said:
where are you located? and what color are the seats?
Were you asking me what color my seats were? surely you weren't jumpin my post man....
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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