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Wanted..Many Taco parts...

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Building two friends rides...95.5 and 97 V-6 tacos

1) 4.10 open rear diff, 3rd only..
2) 95.5-97 rear leaf pack, really only the left and right main leafs..
3) OME 881/N-91s combo..
4) Deaver 3-leaf AAL pack
5) 1-1.25" rear shackle, greasable preferred
6) Lockrite for a non TRD rear diff
7) Sliding rear window, Std cab if it matters
8) Sliders for std cab.
9) Bilstien 5100 or 5125 rear shocks for @ 3" lift
10) May be more soon....
Thanks in advance
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I'll have a 4.10 third in about 3 weeks if you don't need it right away. I'm in Cincinnati and can ship/meet if need be. $150 + shipping
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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