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Warn M8000 or 9.5XP????

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I know this comes up alot, I had my mind made up on the Warn M8000 after alot of searching on this forum....But a friend just bought the Warn 9.5XP for $768.55!!!!shipped and has it now.. This is no BS I saw the invoice and have an order pending online right now..It's from a huge company not a fly-by-night place.
My Question is does anyone run that big of a winch on there Tacoma? Or is there a need too? With that price it's VERY tempting to go with the 9.5XP....

Any thoughts or comments would be great....

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adamusmcguy said:
I'm getting the Donahoe Stage 3 kit from Demello... Donahoe coilovers and Camburg UUA's but after reading several post about the Camburgs there seems to be a issue with them squeaking???? That would drive me crazy so I will need to do a little more research into the arm's...and the deaver 8 or 9 pack leafs with Bilstien's 7100 out back.

Generally speaking the ones that squeak are the ones with no grease fittings or ones that were not installed with enough grease to begin with. We load them up with grease when we install them.
hytenor said:
believe me, we loaded those suckers with grease on the initial install and again the 2nd time. I'm hoping with the zerks and the new plated washers they will stay quiet longer.
Someone was telling me today that your having problems with the uniballs? Can you e-mail me what's happening? I'm really curious.
1 - 2 of 64 Posts
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