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Way to make exhaust slightly louder ???

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I installed a magnaflow 14" muffler on my truck the other week, but I'm wanting something more now. I have an offset inlet and outlet type on there. I was wondering if maybe a center center would make for a better sound because you can look straight threw the muffler. The baffles are on the outside of the muffler so you can basically see right threw it.

I'm wondering if this would make for more sound from the exhaust. I don't want something as loud as my flowmaster. All I'm doing is welding up where the stock muffler was already. Would maybe welding up closer to the cat be better for sound or anything.

I really don't know that much about exhaust so please excuse anything that just sounds strange.
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I have a two chamber Flow with a 3" turndown on my V6 and it sounds absolutely evil. I've had Flowmasters on all my trucks and have never looked back.

Also try a deckplate mod, it'll give you're exhaust a deeper tone with the increased airflow.
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