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My best friend had his '99 Tacoma totaled in a recent rear end accident which resulted in a rollover. The damage is mostly to the tailgate and rear frame structure and obviously the cab.
We have 1 day to go out to LA and pull what we want from it. He has a custom front winch bumper built from John at Hunter Offroad we are definetly going to get and a Warn xd9000i winch, plus 2 red top Optima's and a few more minor things.
Any guidance on any things we can fairly easily remove which might sell well which would help him recoup some $$$ on the loss? (he didn't have comprehensive insurance coverage so he lost everything).
Something like that cat convertor, should we take a quick sawzall to that and pull that?
Seats? are they worth anything?
He has some of the very early SAW coilovers - not sure if they are work getting or not?
Should I just pull the whole rear end?
I will have my F250 bed to load things with or I can even bring a big landscape trailer that can take plenty of weight if it makes sense to bring back more?
Any ideas would be appreciated?

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Thanks for the post.

A few details the truck is located in Inglewood, CA. Roughly a 450 mile drive from Phoenix one way. So just going back to the location of the truck will cost time and money.

The fees for the tow yard are adding up quickly.
So I see 3 options:
  1. Pay $1500 before Nov 7th ( they extended a few days) and get the whole truck.
    I would then be responsible for towing it out of the yard and doing what ever with it.
    Sell it to salvage yard etc may get $500 to 1000 bringing it in myself.
  2. Pay $300 and sign over the title, the tow yard will sell to salvage yard.
    they will allow only removal of front bumper. Maybe able to get other parts out (maybe).
  3. Let them do a lien sale, they sell the truck, that is credited toward the balance due. The rest of the balance is submitted to collections against me and impacts my credit.

Option 3 does not look good.
Option 1 has high overhead and lots of effort.

Is getting the front bumper and winch (and maybe the batteries and SAW coils) make a 1-2 day trip worth while? Most likely not.

Here is a quick list of parts I put down of things I might want from it.

Cost of going out to LA and back
roughly 900 miles round trip.
~ $200 in fuel just to get there and back
Plus time (1-2 days) and effort etc.

Item Paid Est Used Sale Price
Front Bumper (custom) $900 $400
Warn 9000 Winch $850 $500
Rear Bumper (custom $800 $300
RaceRunner SAW Coils $425 $200
Optima Red Top Battery #1 $125 $40
Optima Red Top Battery #2 $125 $40
Rear Shocks $185 $100
Wheels / Tires $1,400 $250
Kenwood Radio (Bluetooth Audio) $150 $60

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Your friend is in a unfortunate situation having to choose between 3 bad options. Glad to hear however that he is still around.

If he has the funds take the landscape trailer and bring the whole thing back to Phoenix and salvage at his/your leisure. He can hope to break even.
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