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What tools and supplies can YOU bring?

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Hi y'all I am marshall from pa-ttora.

I will bring a complete tool set, wrenches and sockets.

I am gonna try and get a :welder: 220 welder, but we will need a 220 generator, so if nobody has a 220 gen, I won't waste time borrowing the :welder: welder. I may bring the torch set IF anybody thinks it will be useful, but it is mainly for cutting, not braising.

I know we will have a few co2 and air tanks floating around.

Post up so we can keep the fellow ttora guys running. Not that taco's break, but I have seen it :D !
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I can bring a 5500 Watt generator with a couple good heavy duty extension cords and 2 5 gallon water cans with water. Remember though that I've gotta leave Saturday evening. Work pays an extra 35% for Saturday into Sunday...

Anyyone going Thursday have extra sleeping room?

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