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Ok here goes.

My truck is close to being mine and not the banks and now im at a crossroads as to which way to go.

A) go full in and sas/lock my 2000 v6 std ext cab non trd taco. buy something else as a dd. a little gas miser maybe? (im so used to driving trucks i think id just get frustrated goin back to a car). I could grab another truck and solve that prob tho.

B) keep mine as a dd. not do anything else to it. (full ome, on there). grab the 88 sas runner ive been checkin out and deal w rust, dents, and someone elses handy work on top of the age (2-3 grand 22r running 35's already). fix up/wheel the hell out of that thing and keep the taco till the fenders fall off in the driveway.(mind u i still have to take a closer look at it).

C) keep the taco as dd as it sits now and order up a cruiser from luxury imports. they have a nice 90 hzj73 w like 60 klicks on it. diesel leafs front and rear lockers on both ends factory winch removable top loaded w all the nice stuff. (just an example of what id be interested in).

of the choices a is the least likely but probably one of the smarter ones ($$$gasgas).

b would be a good choice except as prevoiusly stated what the hell would i be walkin in to. on the flip side i wouldnt be too scared sustaining body damage and the like and this would be the cheapest/funnest way to go by far. id still end up w a pig on gas as a dd but im used to it.

c would be really cool w a spring over and some armour. diesel man. bio diesel and all that good stuff. thing is its the most expensive (what like 20 - 30 grand for a mint one w low klicks on top of the armour and stuff.). and i seriously doubt that id wheel that thing any harder than i do the taco (too expensive to scrape the shit out of).

Reading this i kinda answered my own question. But those cruisers are so freaking nice and w the mines round here (all they use is cruisers) i wouldnt have probs w gettin parts for it. Fuck. i know i know the runner makes the most sense fun/cash wise. i know what youre thinkin now get a lc from the mines. ha near to impossible unless youre pretty high up (read super intendant) and they are beat to shit when finally retired so that would be a lot of work for something that might not be worth salvaging. fuck! shit to add all the stuff the lc comes stock with

what do all my esteemed ttora members have to say?

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Personally, I would'nt build up my Tacoma into a hardcore wheeler unless I had very deep pockets. Keep in mind I've had my 99' paid off since 99'.... My view point is that my truck will provide years of reliable service. If I want a hardcore SA rig, then I would build up an older Toyota or other capable rig. Now maybe in another 5-7 years after my truck has been retired from duty then I would consider building it up.

That's just my opinion. I know others will say that it's nice to have a reliable, modern, & comfortable wheeler.. Too each their own but plan B sounds the best to me.

I'm researching a 3rd vehicle for my family so I can give the Tacoma a breather. I won't consider modding into something that I will torture just yet. Its already seen enough of that... ;)
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