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What would you pay for

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A trd axle with 10k miles on professionally installed 4.88 gears. Axle comes complete from drum to drum. Freshly painted with new axle seals :)

thanks in advance
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would it be asking too much if i said 700 bucks or 600 plus shipping? i dont think so.... its most likely going to someone here in ttora so it would be fine if i didnt get as much as i could for it

plus i will paint it and make it look pretty :)
either d60 or non trd with arb.....we shall see,......full floater either way it should be nice
they arent giving me shit..but its nice of them to give me what i do deserve:)

this is all long term..nothing short its like we shall see what happens:)
i know..i just like giving him shit :):):) keeps it lively here.... no my pinion was fine, and is not one of those bastard weird spline count ones....i bought the gears and install kit from PORC on the east coast and dropped them off with my 3rd member at RearEnd SPecialities and 3 hours later picked up the newly geared 3rd member...
no, its a complete axle with the trd locker and 4.88 gears
i am in california
in a house
1 - 9 of 19 Posts
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