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Well, this afternoon i was looking at the Allpro website, and found that their coilovers are on sale for $599.00, and my reaction was :eek:

As a responsible TTORA member, i used the SEARCH function first ;) (thanks for the affirmation :D ) and found the posts shown above and many thousand others. For what I could gather, not many people where happy with Allpro coilovers.

So, after almost two hours of reading, my question is:

What's the last word on this issue with Allpro Coilovers? Do you think they are on sale because of what people think about their product? I know they have other parts on sale too for the Tacos, so that's something to consider.

Please note, this is not another thread about what coilover is the best. So please, no need to throw the "save your money and get Donahoe's instead" or "do it right and the SAW's", etc.

But your opinions might influence a potential buyer.... :)
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